04 September 2013

Blu Mudd Design Challenge, Round 3!! GO VOTE!!!

Hiya folks!  So, I'm part of the Blu Mudd Design Challenge, currently in it's THIRD round! :)  The idea is that Moriah, of Owner of Blu Mudd, makes a FABULOUS focal something (pendant, bracelet bar, etc) and we make pretties!  You know I LOVE my pretties.  :)

Well, this time, she offered us this FABULOUS butterfly bracelet bar!

Pretty, yes? :) 
I decided I REALLY wanted to try my hand at more chainmaille, so I settled on a dragonscale weave, because it would have the same idea of shape as the focal. And I decided to use silver and purple rings to make it FABULOUS!  Here's what I came up with:


So now, I need you to go vote!  Follow this link to the Blu Mudd FB page, and choose your favorite piece! Thanks!

Rana Lea