05 March 2011

Soul Restoration Blog Hop: A Life Well Lived

Hi all! Welcome to the Soul Restoration Bloghop!  If you've just hopped over from Donna's Orangalicious page, welcome! If you've stumbled here through elsewhere, also welcome! 

So, late last year, on one of my favorite websites, Bravegirls Club, I learned about Brave Girls Camp.  While I can't attend a Camp yet (someday I hope to...) I was able to take the Online version, Soul Restoration.  It was a wonderful experience that, while the class itself is over, I'm not actually done with. I don't know if I'll ever be done!  

I've been pondering the Soul Restoration experience, trying to decide what I should focus this blog post on, and honestly, it's hard finding one thing.  So, I think I'm going to focus on the effects the class had for me (after all, I require my students to write a cause/effect paper, why shouldn't I!)

To me, Soul Restoration is about making time for ME. What's very funny/ironic about that statement, as my friends will tell you, is that I am, at least so far as anyone else is concerned, All About Me... And I try to be fairly honest with myself in that regard.  But, I'm a professor, with 8 classes, and a mortgage, and a sometime boyfriend, and cats, and problematic vehicles and schedules, and an extended family whom I love and all those things that come with a Life Well Lived.  Having had (and still having) a Life Well Lived, I lost sight of who I am. The Me I wanted to be 15 years ago, fresh out of college.  The Me I planned to be heading into graduate school. The Me who got lost in all the ephemera of the daily grind.  I admit, I was able to get some of that Me back each time I got laid off (4 times... apparently it's my "thing"...), but then I would lose that bit of Me in the day to day stuff that happens... You know, teaching classes I don't love (I like them, and I love my students, but I don't love the classes), dealing with people who either don't know how to be helpful or just won't be helpful,  paying the bills, cleaning the house... you know, all the things we have to do, but don't really want to do...  Somehow, without even realizing it, I had lost my self.  Soul Restoration showed me that I had lost that Me, and, even better, how to get back to that Me

Throughout the course, Melody provided encouragement and a place to be safe. Nothing I posted in the forums would be ridiculed (admittedly, I didn't post a lot, but it wasn't through lack of desire) and anytime I had a concern, someone, either Melody or Kathy or other BG staff-type folk, or one of my Restoration colleagues, would address it. Whether it was a concern about how far behind I'd gotten, or that I occasionally felt like a fraud, no comment I made was looked down on. And in this age of anonymous, scathing, and often just downright reprehensible online behavior, that was soooo refreshing! It was wonderful to know that there was a place I could go online and talk to other women about the trials of just living life! 

And the art!  See, I've never one for the "self-help" book idea. Possibly because I am an English teacher, so pretty much all I do for work is read. So, when I read outside of that forum, I want to read a basic story to take me out of myself for a while.  But Melody came up with an awesome way to have us ponder what we need to improve about ourselves, why we might need (and want) to do that, what we need to change to make those improvements, and then how to go about doing it through the art! And as a non-arty crafter, that was awesome for me!!!  I created art pieces!!!! Whoo-hoo!!! Possibly my favorite, and the type that I'll continue for years to come, are the Truth cards.  Kinda like ATCs, but better.  

Even though I haven't technically finished (I still have some art stuff to finish up and a number of things I want to revisit) I feel much more secure in my Me-ness... Which means that I'll be a better teacher, a better daughter, a better sister, a better friend, a better crafter, and maybe, one day, a better artist.  Basically, a Better Me.   

So, how can you Restore?  Here's how!

Join us for the powerful and fun online workshops taught by Melody Ross that are being enjoyed and loved by women all over the world! Soul Restoration on-line classes - Now expanded to TWO sessions: Soul Restoration Part 1 – Finding Your Truth (6 weeks) April 5, 2011 Session: $99 – Register HERE and Soul Restoration Part 2 – Living Your Truth (6 weeks) For graduates of Soul Restoration 1 only June 7, 2011 Session: $99 – Register HERE

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