20 October 2011

Cake Pops really ARE good!!!

Okay, so the cake pop craze started a while back, and while I am a fan of the cake, all the cake pops I'd tried were just... eh, so-so.  Until today....

Jocelyn, of La Fuffie's Boutique, asked for some cake pop testers about a week ago, for two new flavors she'd created--Banana Nutella Dark Chocolate and Blueberry Banana White Chocolate.  I was so intrigued by the flavors (since they sounded like muffins or breads, and I LOVE breads) that I volunteered immediately!  

So, I received the samples this afternoon, and I gotta tell ya--Y.U.M.  Yummeh!!!!!!!  The pops were rich and moist, and full (and I mean FULL) of flavor!   The Banana Nutella pops covered in dark chocolate--positively sinful.   They smelled luscious to begin with, and the flavor--any chocoholic would swoon!  And the Blueberry Banana covered in white chocolate?  Yeah, see, I don't like white chocolate.  Never have... This I loved!!!  There were real, honest-to god blueberries in there!!!!  And the banana flavor, it just all worked so perfectly together with the blueberries and the white chocolate... just so yummy....

Ya wanna see the yummeh? Yeah, I took a pic--didn't get any before (I wasn't thinking... sorry. The yummeh-smells made me forget! LOL!) So here's the yummeh, mid-me-enjoying:

Disregard the fork--that's just my own weirdness..... See the blueberries?  I loooooooooove blueberries......
So, Jocelyn doesn't just make cake pops. She's got chocolate lollipops, and chocolate covered oreos (I really like these. So cute...) And, marshmallows!!!  Have I mentioned I love marshmallows?  Marshmallows are cool....  She even has Princessy ones!!!! The Disney freak inside me is going a little nuts right now!  LOL!   

So, yeah, you should TOTALLY check out La Fuffie's Boutique, for all your treaty needs!!!   (Oh, and she's on Facebook, too!!!)

Thanks for reading!! 

13 October 2011

The auction is on!!!!

So, a while back, I participated in a monthly challenge from Blissful Garden Beads.  Heather sent each participant an absolutely gorgeous set of beads, with instructions to create something.  But the best part of this challenge was the impending auction!  See, each participant agreed to not only create a piece for the challenge using the beads Heather sent, but to also submit that piece to an auction benefiting the Ordinary Hero Foundation.

Here's a sneak peek--

You can find the auction album here on Karen Snyder's O. Sebastian Facebook page! 

So, what are you waiting for?  GO BID!  And get a great piece (or pieces) of jewelry out of it!!!  


08 October 2011

It worked!!!! Finally!

Alright, so I had this idea a while ago about my painted bracelets.  See, as awesome as the focals are, sometimes the bracelet is JUST as awesome!  And sometimes, you just wanna change things up...

So, I thought there just HAD to be a way to rig the focal to come off the bracelet when you want it to...

Here's take 1:

The problem with this was that the focal was far too loose--it flopped all over the place, and was INCREDIBLY annoying....
Here's Take 2:

Fewer beads in all, and without the buttons.  Far more streamlined, and with a sparkly bicone or two! LOL!   
And here's the whole thing:

See what I mean?  Yes, the focal is awesome, but I LOVE the bracelet on it's own, too!!!
So there you have it! It finally worked!  I love it when a plan comes together!

(oh, and Picasa is kinda cool--I gots collages!!!! LOL!!)