23 February 2014

I'm in!! Woot!

Bead Soup Blog Party sign ups were about two weeks ago, and since then, the fabulously awesome Lori Anderson has been working hard to get the show on the road. :)

First, she has to see how many of us there's really are (490) and then send us all an email letting us know we're in (I am! I got my email a few days ago!! Yay!!!) and then she has to start pairing us up, but making sure that we get paired up with a different style artist, someone in a location we can ship to, and someone we haven't been paired up with before! (All that's coming in the next few weeks.)

And then comes the SOUP!!! Oh,  that's the really fun part! Cooking up a fabulous bead soup for your partner to play with! I can't wait!! Here's the soups I sent to my previous partners. Enjoy! And stay tuned!! :)