01 June 2014

Blu Mudd Challenge #4

It's here! It's here!  The Blu Mudd Challenge #4 Reveal!  This time, Moriah sent us the most beautiful pieces to work with:

Aren't they pretty!  And for the record, I did not take this photo. Moriah did! 

For the Challenge, we could make anything we wanted, so long as we used all the pieces, and the focal was clearly the focal.  Everyone made some beautiful pieces!  Here's mine:

A necklace using beadweaving and stringing, and an embellished herringbone bracelet.
So, it is a Challenge, which means you need to go vote!  Here's a link to the album on Facebook.  Once you're there, you need to "Like" the photo!  You can comment as well, and please do, but the "Likes" are the votes.  :)

Thanks for stopping by!