25 March 2017

Bead Soup Blog Party, Bead Hoarders Edition :)

Its time!!!  Bead Soup Reveal time!!!   YAYNESS!!!

Yeah, I'm excited.  :)  So, my partner this round is Krafty Max, and you can find her awesome blog here. She does wonderful bead weaving.  For reals, I'm in awe of her skill.

I want to send a big shout-out and lots of hugs to Lori Anderson, our fearless leader behind the Bead Soup Blog Party

Anywho! She sent me the most beautiful soup, with vintage focals, seed beads, clasps, and general awesomeness.

All my goodies from Krafty Max

Vintage Focals
I absolutely fell in love with those rectangular beads.  The colors (can you see the hint of red? fabulous!!!) I had this idea to make this really awesome 3 strand beadwoven necklace (I still might!!!!) but time and life conspired against me, and that idea had to fall by the wayside.  I was actually quite bummed.

But then I had another idea--a cuff! So, I decided that herringbone (apparently, as I disovered at Bead Night tonight, it's my old standby! lol!) would be best, as its so versatile, and slinky! I just love herringbone. I wanted to bring in the colors in the beads, so I used a base of Sea Foam lined Light Topaz seed beads, with lines of Metallic Iris Teal, Pepper Red, and black.  Then, I sewed one of the focal beads onto the cuff, and clustered Czech Firepolish around the bead.

You can find the Participant blog list here.  Happy hopping!!!


28 January 2017

Bead Soup is Back on!

I know!  I'm an absentee Blogger! 😞  In my defense, A LOT has happened since I last wrote.  Jobs, other jobs, health stuff (not me, fam.  all good now!) and all manner of other things.

But Bead Soup is back on!  I'm so happy that Lori is able to run this again, and I'm really looking forward to playing!

I'm off to sign up! More details soon! 😄