27 January 2013

Art for art's sake?

For Week 4 of the Focus on Life blog hop, Sally's prompt to us was to "Create Art."  Oddly enough, this one has been the most difficult for me so far, not because I don't feel I'm artistic and creative (in fact, I sometimes think I have TOO MUCH creativity, and it can get very scattery!) but because I'm currently suffering from a severe lack of time and, oddly, space...

You see, I've just started classes again (I teach College English) and in true Crazy-Rana form, I'm teaching 7 classes across 2 colleges.  oi....  We're three weeks into the semester, which essentially means all my fun time is getting ready to go down the drain in deference to essay reading, grading, and emails.  For the most part, this is okay, as I really do like my job.  I would just like to like a little LESS of my job.  If that makes any sense.  So there's the time aspect...

I am also in the middle of a very, VERY slow move.  Eventually, I'll be all settled in back in my parents' house (it's okay--they've retired and are traveling a bit, so I mostly have it to myself) but at the moment, I'm actually living in 2 places.  So, half of my things are in one house, half are in the other.  I have the art supplies in one house, but the good places to DO the art are in the other house.  It's very odd...  

So, I decided, that instead of DOING art this week, I would work on preparing to do art.  Since my art takes the form of so many different things--jewelry, painting, card-making, crocheting, cross-stitch, maybe (one day) knitting--I decided I would take care of the things you need to do to get to the actual art.  For me, right now, that means earwires... 

See, I'm also participating in Art Jewelry Elements Earring challenge--trying to make at least one pair of earrings every week.  And yes, sometimes I use premade earwires, but ever since I discovered the fun of pounding on wire with a hammer, I actually prefer to make my own earwires.  It's a bit of an involved process for me, since I don't have a tumbler (yet), so I have to file and hammer every single one, after all the shaping. 

Brass, Sterling, and copper wire, coiled and ready for cutting! 
The brass, cut and shaped.  Working on filing the ends here...
my bench block!  Top five fave purchases of 2012.  lol!  This is when the wire gets "work hardened" so it holds its shape...
Copper earwires all ready to go! :) 
RanaLea :)


  1. Man, you are one busy lady! I tend to make ear wires en masse, too! I learned an awesome tip from Kerry Bogert (Kabs Creative Concepts) for those who do not have a tumbler- she uses her washing machine as her tumbler to work harden her metals- take your ear wires and "tie" them in a sock. Wash as usual and...ta da! Work Hardent (and clean, too)!

  2. Your pic with all the wire on your fingers is great. You did indeed create art. I have started to make my own earwires and clasps. Hey Patti thanx for the tip.

  3. What a great use of your limited time and space to make way for more art by having these all ready. I wish I was a planner!

  4. Cool shots! Who knew wire could make such interesting photos!

    (I'm #41 this week)

  5. Love that photo of all the earwires. This looks like a lot of tedius work, but still I would like to try it. Good luck with your move!!!

  6. Rana, I to get "too creative" and then find I can't focus to finish a project! Ha! I love the photo of the ear wires on your fingers it is such a fantastic shot!!

    I'm participating in the AJE earring challenge, I need a push to make the actual earrings, I love making the ear wires! Actually, I love anything that you can hammer!

  7. I don't make jewelry, but I think I could get into the hammering part! I too like the picture of your fingers!

  8. Rock on! Sounds like you're having fun getting ready to make jewelry. :) I, too, love the picture of your fingers and the wire- I can never get my nails to grow that long!

    Bummer about being in two places at once. I know how that goes!

    I've followed your blog. You can probably find mine on my google profile, if you're interested in swapping links. Otherwise, I'll just happily follow you!



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