06 January 2013

Me :)

Have you ever really thought about yourself?  Who you are and what makes you you?  I have.  A bit, at least....  That's what today's post is about.  But first, why?

Well, I learned about a wonderful weekly blog hop idea through one of my favorite jewelry artists yesterday, THEAJewellery, the Gossiping Goddess. Sally Russick, of The Studio Sublime, is hosting a year long photo journaling blog hop.  She's calling it "Focusing on Life 2013" and I think it's a fabulous idea.  :)

So, back to me. (one of my favorite subjects. lol!)  I do like to talk about myself, this is true. And, if you ask my bestie, it's all about me.  But, I don't much like pictures of myself (a common sentiment among women, I think...)

I started thinking.  What is a self portrait?  Well, it can be the easy answer--a picture of yourself.

This is me, several years ago.  I think I look like my grandma....
 But then, that also begs the question, which you?

The ready to take on the world you, with your armor of makeup in place?

Love my green eye shadow.  Makeup by Dollipop Cosmetics.  :) 

 Or the working at home, not going anywhere, chillaxing you?

or the slightly ditzy and just found the fun stuff in the PhotoBooth controls you?

Or the internal, "this is what makes me thrive" you?

Well, I guess it's ultimately all up to you.  But this is me.  :)

Thanks for stopping by!



  1. Great photos!!! I'm guessing your grandmother would be proud to pass her genes down to you. I love the ones with the photobooth effects.

  2. Love the posterized pop treatment on the four shots together, very cool!

  3. Rana! What a great post! You look beautiful in all the pictures but I have to say I love the one of you at home no makeup! Natural beauty! I can tell by the photos that you have a wonderful personality! So glad you joined in!!

    I'm loving how open and honest people are being in their posts and how many are catching glimpses of generations past in their own faces!

  4. What fun photos! I love all of them and I love how you are different in each. You totally rock the green eye shadow. :)

  5. All of them! I suppose and them some! Thank you for sharing the multiple takes and thoughts on it. I think as a mum now, if I could only see myself through my mothers eyes I'd never have any insecurities. My wish for my girl

  6. great photos!! i love the one with your hair up - beautiful :o)

  7. fun post! and cool adds from the photo booth :)

  8. Your photos are awesome! I agree with Sally - the one without the makeup - you know..."the true you" is my absolute favorite! Although, the photo effects are awfully cool!


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