13 January 2013

Words, words, words...

I'm back!  :)  Okay, so this week's Focus on Life prompt for Week 2 is "your word" for 2013.  I've heard of other folks choosing a word to guide them in the coming year, but I never really had.  Also not really a "resolutions" person, since I tend to forget about them...  But, I thought it might be interesting, especially considering Sally's prompt, to choose a word for myself to guide me in 2013.

Of course, then I had to actually choose the word!  Never easy, especially if you're wordy (well, I teach English, after all...)  So, I started a list (I'm a list girl...) I had things on there like "move," "forward," "onward," "live," "love," "persevere." Good words all, but none of them were really it, you know? So, I pondered all these words, and finally settled one that encompasses all of these concepts... So, without further ado, here's my word for 2013!

CREATE!  I made this using the "Meritum Paint" App on my phone.  It's fun! :) 
 So, what do I plan to create?  Well, I plan to create stuff:

Mostly jewelry, but also some card stuff.  See my word there in the mix?  :)  The iron?  Yeah, no idea why that's there... 
I also plan to "create" more blog posts:
My 'puter! :)  I love my Mac... 
And I need to "create" order in my stuff... 
Boxes... :( gonna be a while with the boxes...
Is this all I plan to "create"? No.  But this is a start!

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  1. We are called by God to be creative forces in this world. I think that the world better watch out! Create is a power-filled word. I wish you joy in the journey in 2013. Enjoy the day. Erin

  2. What a wonderful word and one that we can all relate to. I love the creative way you made the word in the first picture and the other pictures have me wanting to create also. :)

  3. For sure I'll create a lot with the app =) thanks for sharing the web.


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