12 July 2012

My favorite jewelry tools

Okay, as a jewelry maker, I now have more tools than I ever thought possible.  I have hammers, and pliers, and files, and clippers, and... and... just stuff.  Lots of stuff.  So, I thought I might share a few faves. :)

Bench Block and chasing hammer!!  And, well, other hammers!!  
Things around which to wrap wire!  And, needles for beadweaving! lol! 
Clockwise from top--cup burr file, crimping pliers, nylon jaw pliers,  clampy thingies, round nose pliers (My favorite cheapiest pair!!!), and a little ice-cream scoopy thingies for scooping seed beads! 
Tea tray, to hold projects
Veggie tray to old more projects! (yes, that's a bead mat that I cut to fit...)
Pretty things on which to take pictures...
Area in which to take pictures (yes, that's my kitchen, and that's just tissue paper.  It works for now)
Hands!  yeah, I'm a dork.  Really, this is a pic of my most FAVORITE tool of all--my nails.  Seriously--these suckers are invaluable to me! And they're pretty! (My nail tech rocks.  You can find her at Plaza Hair and Nails.)  So, how do I use these?  Well, they're awesome bead scoops, they're handy for separating beads easily, and, because they're strong acrylic, they're FABULOUS for pushing wire into place while I'm weaving and wrapping it! 
Okay, not a tool so much as a kitteh-supervisor.  :) Dobby makes sure I stay on task! lol! 
So, there you have it!  Some of my favorite toys tools! 

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