02 February 2013

Capture my Heart

This week's Focus on Life prompt from Sally over at The Studio Sublime was a bit difficult for me. She asked us to "Capture our Hearts."

See, I was supposed to have something wonderful happen at the 1st of the year, but it hasn't happened. I don't want to go into details, but what I thought was a wonderful relationship has fallen apart.  And I don't know why.

I had pondered not participating this week, but then I decided, no, I needed to not let this impact what I WANT to do.  And part of what I want to do, is blog more, and participate in this hop.

So, I started looking around.  Where could I find hearts in this new life I'm having to build for myself?  Well, oddly, I found a perfect heart--for me, in this time-frame, at least--in my shower.

It's all dinged and rough around the edges.  That's my heart right now.  A little bit broken, but it'll mend.

I also have to include my furry-hearts.  They seem to know that mommy is a bit tender just now, so they're (mostly) being good.

Buttercup, at her cuteness best.
My Dobby-head, guarding the bed! lol! 
So that's this week.  Thanks for stopping by, and don't forget to check out the other entries!



  1. I love when something jumps out at you like that - a tiny little heart - perfectly imperfect!

  2. wonderful pictures - and a great lil heart to find :)
    i hope your pussy-cats can help you heal... they do know, don't they?
    no. 26

  3. The furry members of our families, always know when an extra amount of love is needed. Great picture of your "broken heart"

  4. so sorry to hear ... and wonderful that you have furry friends who care!! what a great find of the heart 'ding'!

  5. What a great little heart to find in the same shape yours is in. I do hope your broken heart mends!

  6. So good to know you have fur babies to make you feel better.


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