10 February 2013

Feel the Love

So, yeah, I'm late with this post...  but here it is!  :p

Okay, last week's prompt was "Feel the Love" for Sally's Focus on Life blog hop.  After the events of the last few weeks, and the trouble I had with the "Capture your Heart" prompt, I was really not looking forward to trying to figure this one out.  

Then, it hit me.  What did I do last weekend?  Well, I, and several good friends and 2 VERY NEW friends, moved ALL MY CRAP!!!!! And let me tell you, I have A LOT of crap....  er.... stuff....  

So, here's me, feeling the love:

That would be my coffee table.  and a hutch...   and crap stuff
the garbage bags are clothes....  I swear....  

Okay, this is actually 2 views of the same room, and, in one of those weird twists, it is WAY worse than it looks.  And this is only one room!  There's another that I refuse to open the door to anytime soon.  And there's furniture in the guest bath...  oi...  But you know what, it's all here now, and I have some of the most FABULOUS people in the world to thank for that.

So, LaRita, Kurt, Frank, Nancy, Amy, John, Jayden, Skyler, Nathan, Matt, Marie, Mia, and Matthew--I love you guys.  Thank you.  

And Sally--thank you for giving me the opportunity to articulate all this.  It's been a great help! 



  1. Love shows up in all kinds of forms.

  2. People who help you move, really do love you!! :-)


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