16 January 2011

Wowzers! How cool is this?

So, I've always been a writer.  I've written in journals my entire life... sometimes hard-bound books, sometimes a word file, and sometimes just bits of notebook paper here and there.  At the same time, I've always envied people who could be artistic in their journals.  I always thought it was just beyond me.

That is, until this past week.  See, this week, I started the Brave Girls Club Soul Restoration online course.  I joined Brave Girls Club back in August or September, and really enjoyed reading the blog posts and whatnot, then I found out about Brave Girls Camp, and was lusting to go (can't afford it anytime soon.  But I hope one day...)  Anyhoo, they decided to do an online course for gals like me, who can't afford to attend the Camp.

Okay, back to my main point... So, Melody, one of the founders of Brave Girls Club and a rather brilliant artist, posted pics of one of her journals in a blog she did ages ago (I can't seem to find it...), and I remember looking at those pics and once again thinking, "man, I wish I was that talented..." Cuz, see, I'm crafty, and I can make cards, and could probably scrapbook if I really wanted to, and I have a craft stash that is just terrifyingly out of control... But I'm not "artsy"... or at least, I didn't think I was... But this past week, looking at videos that Melody posted int he class for us, and making a determined effort to go outside my comfort zone, I've actually managed to create one of those journals that I've always been so envious of.  It' still not totally where 'd like it to be, talent-wise, but I'm likin' it.... I'm not going to post pics of this one, because quite frankly it is a bit personal, but as I start work on a more general art journal, I will post pics and share the ideas that I have. 

Although, there is one tip I want to share now, and yes, I got this from Melody--credit cards rock.  And not for spending money and jacking up your credit, either... they make a PHENOMENAL paint spreader! You want lots of color on your page but you don't want to saturate the page with paint and wait hours for it to dry?  Squeeze some paint on the page, grab your credit card or equivalent thingy (I'm actually using old student IDs from my college days) and spread away! Works great!!!!! And then you just need to find a decent pen to write on it with.  On my black pages, I used a Sharpie silver paint pen.  On the rest of them, just a Pilot Precise.  Seems to work fairly well!  Although, I am going to go invest in a few good waterproof journaling pens.  Need to get to Michaels anyway.  About to run out of Mod Podge!  Horrors!!!!

Oh, and glittery nail polish works great for an embellishment! lol!

So, I'm going to get back to my journaling, and then to bed.  After all, it is a wee bit late.... Stay well!


  1. I have always felt the same as you, that I am crafty but not arty, I really want to do an art journal but frankly it scares me doing the art part!!! Good on you for giving it a go! I might give it a go and step outside of my comfort zone too!

  2. Tracy~you should! I actually started a general art journal (well, I bought a sketchbook and painted the cover. But I actually painted a picture on the cover! hee hee!!!) Unfortunately, I'm having computer issues and can't get the pic posted. But hopefully soon!


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