29 January 2011

Catchin' up posts...

So, I was largely disconnected for the last month, and that was tough.  I missed blogging, and I really, really missed my Mac... really.... missed it... lots... But, a very, very nice gent I know managed to fix lil' Miss Penelope, so I have her back, and she is working.  Mostly.  No iPhoto, oddly enough. But I can deal!

Miss Penelope, the MacBook... She's blue... :D

So, as the title suggests, this is the first of my "catching up" blog posts...  Cuz, I need to do some major catching up! I am going to try to post some pics here, but they were all taken with my phone and emailed to myself, so there's no editing on any of them.. So apologies if things get a bit clugy...

Alright, what's been going on with me.... Well, Miss Penelope here decided to take a header the week after Christmas, when I was in North Carolina with my parents, and without Internet access.  And of course before that was Christmas, so really, I've been out of touch since mid-December.  Christmas was pretty good.  Spent the day driving to NC, right into snow, which I haven't seen since I was a small tiny tot of a thing! I have lots of pictures of the snow, and the cabin in the snow, and the dog in the snow, etc, but those can come later.  Suffice it say, just now, that my trip rocked, and I had a blast.  But, I was glad to get home.

Of course, home presented other problems, like trying to get ready for classes without a computer.  But I have a wonderfully wonderful awesome friend, and she loaned me her Netbook.  So, that at least allowed me to get ready for school. It's funny, now that I have Penelope back, her screen looks 5 times bigger than it did before... I think because I got used to the tininess of the Netbook screen. 

Other nifty things--I'm teaching my first ever British Literature class, and today -- well, yesterday at this point... -- I think I kicked literary butt... Or at least historical-literary butt... suffice it to say we talked about the middle ages and I had a blast.  Actually planning a blog post over on my Read-Write-Blog site about the research fun I had...

Oh--and I won 2nd place for Most Wearable Piece in Art With Heart Cycle 3 for my Falling Leaves Earrings, Necklace, and Bracelet set!!!!

Alright--enough news for now.  I have more posts planned, touching on specific crafty-type stuffs and whatnot, so stay tuned!

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