04 January 2011

12 Things

So, Joni, over on the Hive, wrote a post about 12 random things; things we wouldn't necessarily know about her. And then, she invited us to do the same.  So here goes:
  1. I have (well, had) a great-grandfather named Harry Potter.  I think he was a great.  Mighta been a great-great... and he lived in Scotland. :D I love the books, and this bit of trivia is just too awesome not to share.
  2. I just took my first vacation out of state in well over 7 years.  It was lovely, and I'm kinda bummed to be home.
  3. I have an Master's degree in English, and really wish I'd gotten an English ed degree.  Then I'd already have a full-time job.
  4. I'm terrible with money.  And yet, my father is the best money-manager I know.  Poor Dad doesn't know where he went wrong...
  5. I'm also a terrible house-keeper, and my mom, while not quite approaching Monica-like cleanli- and orderliness, is still trying to figure out where she went wrong with me...
  6. I have wonderful, beautiful, generous friends and family.  I appreciate them everyday, even though I know I don't always show it.
  7. I am an unabashed Mac-lover. But I'm not too proud to accept the loan of a PC when it's offered, and my Mac has decided that 4 years of my BS is enough. (I love ya, LaRita!  You rock so hard!!!!!)
  8. I teach English, and generally love it, but would really, really, really love to be able to craft all day and make a good living at it.
  9. I cannot wait for my Brit Lit class this semester to start.  After 10 years of teaching, this will be the first time I really get to teach in my chosen field.  Thank you, Karen, for giving me the opportunity. 
  10. I am also, at the same time, terrified of this Brit Lit class.  What if I bomb?
  11. My Christmas decorations are still up, and I'm still enjoying them.  I may leave them up for another month or so, and I'm okay with that.
  12. This is the first real chance I've had to blog in far too long, and I wasn't aware how much I'd missed it.  Thanks, Joni, for the prompt!
So there ya have it!  Some random stuff about me!

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