29 January 2011

CIF Goodies!!! (or, Catchin' up post #3)

Where was catchin' up post #2, you ask?  Well, that's the Sale-A-Bration post from earlier.  Yup, playin' catch up in Stampin' stuff, too...

So, last year, I participated in 2 craft it forward events, one on Facebook and one through the Hive.  I'm planning to do another in a month or so, because quite frankly I really like sending random crafty goodies to folk....

What's "Craft it Forward," you ask?  Well, essentially, it's the Pay it Forward philosophy, but with crafts!  

Anyway, I would post pics of what I made, but I foolishly didn't take any pics. Wait, I take that back.  I had pics of the first batch, but they were lost in the Great Mac Crash of 0-10... And the second batch?  Yeah, just never got around to it... 

For the Facebook CIF goodies, I made little plaques with a page from Shakespeare and the birdie ornaments I've been making lately.  They were very cute, and I hope the recipients liked them. For my Hive CIF goodies, I made non-christmasy Christmas ornaments (they were shaped like trees, but the papers and embellishments I used were not christmasy.  kinda fun!)  There was lots of  Mod Podge involved, and I had a blast.  Plan to make more soon.  I also made a little bracelet for each of my giftees... Just a basic elastic beaded bracelet, but cute!

But here's the real purpose of this post--CIF goodies I received!! I like giving things, but I really like getting things... :D

Jessie, of Points for Creativity, made the most adorable little clay mushroom.  He's just too cute!!!! I also watched her make some other clay pieces, and it's a blast to see.  She's got a great eye, and, unlike me, is not afraid of the clay!
 And Faye, from Twisted Imaginings, made the most gorgeous little ring! It's so comfortable to wear, too!  You can find more great pieces in her shop. (by the by, her prices are BEYOND reasonable; in fact, I think she might even be charging too little!)

So there you have it!  Craft it Forward is a lot of fun, and I'll let you know when I do another batch!

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