13 September 2010

What's been happenin'?

Well, I haven't done much specifically jewelry-related lately, but I have been playing.  I've decoupaged a table and a box, my iPhone's case (twice, actually) and I made a whole bunch of cards.  Plus, you know, there's that pesky "real job" business that I've been trying to take care of.  And, speaking of that, I just got another class!  woot!

So, what's in store for Definitive Designs?  Well, I have this multi-chain earring idea stuck in my head, and I'm dying to try some steampunk-y stuff... And, I want to try making frames for some of my work, so they can be displayed on the wall. It's something I've been pondering for ages for the pieces I have in my own collection, and Melody, over at Brave Girls Club blogged on it a few days ago. So I'm feeling inspired!

I also joined Creating the Hive, and have been very much enjoying getting to know people over there. And thanks to all of your help, I won the Viewer's Choice portion of Beads-n-Blessings' Art with Heart Contest.  So, you know, go me! (and you!!) Cycle 3 of that contest will be starting soon, and I'm very much looking forward to working with that kit, as well.

So, that's just a quick update for you!  Hope you're all well!


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