09 September 2010

OMG I AM SOOOOOOOO CLOSE!!!! Please Help!!!!!

Okay, Art with Heart's Cycle 2 Beading Viewer's Choice contest ends in exactly 1 day.  I am so close to winning that!  Please help!  Here's the link:


My piece is #12, the watch, which I had a blast making and I really love. It has danglies, even!!!! And the best part? Well, the best part you can't see in the pics--it has a magnetic clasp!  So easy peasy!!! No more fumbling with silly clasps that aren't meant to used one-handed!

[gallery order="DESC"]

So, please, please, please, with cherries (or a fruit of your choice) on top, help me out with this if you can, and ask your friends to vote, if you wouldn't mind (yes, I'm annoying, I know...)

Love ya!


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