17 September 2010

Biggish day for lil' ol' me!!!

So, last week, as I begged my boss and all the office ladies to vote for my Art with Heart piece (which they did!  So, yay!!!) they also asked to see what else I made.  So, today, or I guess, yesterday now, I took all my work in so they could see.  And guess what!  I sold a pair of earrings, and have orders for five, (yes, FIVE) African Helix bracelets. YAY!!!!!!!

I know it's not much, but it makes me happy! :)  And now, I get to play on Artbeads and buy some new seeds and druks. Whoo-hoo!!!!!

I also ordered the kit for Art with Heart Cycle 3, and I cannot WAIT to get that sucker!  Here's a link; check out those colours. How gorgeous are those!  And that focal!  I'm tempted to get a few of those just to have on hand. I can feel a fabulous piece in the offing!

Well, that's it for my quick update.  Look for some new pieces in the shop in a few days, and have a great weekend!



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