21 June 2012


So, as I enjoyed my Dove Promises chocolate last night, I, of course, HAD to read the little affirmation thingie...  This particular one said "Keep the promises you make to yourself."

Of course, the English teacher in me read that TOTALLY differently than intended, but that's another post on a different blog.  lol! Okay, so promises to yourself.  Have you ever made promises to yourself?  I know I have...  But what about keeping them?  See, that's where things kinda start to break down for me...  I mean, I can keep the little ones...  I'm gonna buy that, I'm gonna see this, etc...  but the big, major scary ones? (You know, the seriously LIFE CHANGING ones?) Yeah, I have some troubles with those...

So, I think that's going to have to be my next project.  Making (and more importantly KEEPING) the promises I make myself.  

More to come on this topic!  (Maybe part of those "big changes I mentioned 2 posts ago...)

(oh, and just because, here's an awesome blog post I found using Dove Chocolate wrappers in jewelry!  I like!)


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