23 June 2012

My First Jewelry Class!

Woot!  Yes, I just took my first beading class, at the awesome Sparkle Spot Bead Shop, in St. Pete, FL (Kelly's got colored Fireline, ya'll!!!!! oh yeah!!!)

Okay, so yeah, anyways, I just took my first ever jewelry class (eh, I learned a lot from YouTube videos...) since I've been trying (and mostly failing) to make nifty wired cuffs.  So, Kelly's instructor, Heidi, offered a class to make this cuff.  And since I love Sparkle Spot, and I love jewelry, and I've discovered wire is, like, THE BOMB... :) ... I figured why not?  

First, I gotta tell ya, Heidi is fabulous.  Her instructions are clear, she's attentive without hovering, and is always ready to help you out.  We weren't able to finish the project during the class (lots of wrapping, you know) but I had no doubt I'd be able to finish it on my own, and even make another (in fact, I've already bent the wire into submission for Take 2! lol!)

I had a blast in this class, met some great new people--my classmate could have been my twin!  We were so alike, it was eerie but cool!  Hi Holly! :) lol!

Here's some pics of my finished cuff:

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