22 June 2011

My Piscean Nature is Splashing about.....

So, I actually love the mountains.  North Carolina, Tennessee, etc.  Love love LOVE that area....  So I find it very amusing that my first 3 real paintings have all dealt with the sea.  Must be my piscean nature....  Take a look!

First, the dolphin:

The photo....

My Painting...
And now, an island:

I visited this little island on a trip from the Clearwater Aquarium.  There's literally only these 2 trees on the whole island.  Well, and a chair on the other end....  

I painted it!!!! 
Here's some tree close-ups.  I'm rather proud of these trees! (My art teacher, Susan Kubes, said if she gave grades, I'd've gotten an A!!! LOL)

And finally, a storm.... No real location for this one--I was just playing around....  Can I just say--I love fan brushes!!!

I'm pondering adding a boat....



  1. Love them! The storm came out nicely. It's fun to PLAY in class :)

  2. I love that class! Wish I didn't have to go to school next week!


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