04 June 2011

I did the coolest thing today!!!

So, I live in probably one of the most beautiful places in the world, and I freely admit, I don't enjoy it nearly enough (I mean, seriously, it's hot out there!!!!)

But today, my good friend LaRita and her hubby invited me to go on the Dolphin boat!  Okay, it's actually the Dolphin Racer, and you can check out their website.  Oddly enough, or possibly it's completely understandable, I'd never heard of it!  But I agreed to go, and I had a blast!  Check it out!

This guy was hangin' out at the doc....

See?  It's just gorgeous!

There's another pelican...

squeeeee!!!!!!  The cuteness!!!! That's the baby!!!

Okay, so my picture takin' isn't that great... but I got most of 'em! 

A bit calmer...

and...... another pelican....

I even got a video (and just took a crash course in iMovie! lol!)


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  1. That is pretty cool. I would prolly like to go if it was not sooooo stinking hot outside ya know?


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