10 July 2010

My Deb has moved....

Or at least, I think she has.  I helped her pack some more stuff yesterday, so I'm hoping she was able to finish up and get out of here today. I haven't heard from her yet, and if she was still packing, I didn't want to interrupt...

See, my friend Deb is moving from Florida back to Arizona. :(  She doesn't really want to, but kinda has to at the moment. So, because she didn't really want to move, she was kinda dragging her feet about the whole packing thing.  Add to that that she lives in a 2600 square foot house; she has a lot of stuff.  Gorgeous stuff.  The type of stuff I can only hope that I may one day have. And as we're packing stuff, she'd tell me the stories of where things came from... Absolutely amazing. She gave me some wonderful treasures as we were working, things that I hope to one day be able to give to people I love (the vase, especially--gorgeous silver with a ring of yellow, blue, purple, and red tiles set in just below the rim.  beautiful!)

But to top it all off, she gave me the ENTIRE contents of her spice cabinet, fridge, and pantry.  7 boxes, and the big cooler... I sent things home with Amy, took stuff to my mom, and I still have an entire cookie sheet full of spices that have no home.  And see, since I'm heading into my broke month, this is the best possible gift she could have given me, since now I essentially don't have to worry about groceries for ages.

I hope Ms. Deb is doing okay, driving all the way to Arizona. I'd hoped to be able to drive with her, but my school schedule made that impossible. She is truly the most generous woman I know, and I'll miss being able to see her as often as I'd like.  This isn't truly a parting, since we do still have phones and email and Facebook, but it's not the same as her being here.

So, Ms. Deb, drive safe, be good, and have fun.  Don't forget the pics and my postcards.  I hope you made it out of Florida!


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