27 July 2010

The Crafting season has begun!!

Well, for me, at least. My crafting season is the month between classes. I'm making earrings, working on a peyote stitch necklace (should be fun!  You can see the inspiration for this necklace here), I may cross-stitch a bit, I'm making some cards, and I'm wondering how to pay all the bills. But I'll figure it out!  I always do. I'm going to enjoy this month off, and maybe next week, I'll do some work to get ready for Fall Session. Or maybe not.  Maybe I'll take 2 weeks off... and decoupage!

So I'm watching Heroes for the 1st time.  I'm on Episode 5 or 6.  Can I just say, thank god for Netflix!?!?!  See, this is one of those shows where they, very meanly, leave you HANGING at the end of each episode!  UGH!!!!!

Okay, I'm over that now... Overall, pretty good show.  Lots of cuties...and a pretty good story.

Ah, vacation.  There's something to be said for a vacation.  Now if only I could go somewhere... Maybe next August.  Maybe this Christmas!

Have a great day!


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