28 March 2013

So, I'm back?

Maybe?  I hope.  Oi, it has been a CRAZY year so far...  And unfortunately, I dropped the blogging ball...  Of course, my friends keep asking me how I was still standing, so I guess something had to give... Anyway, here's a quick rundown of what's been going on!

1. I moved...  and after moving, I had to organize.  Only, I couldn't seem to get to it... I had no motivation... But then mom came back!  and things started to get organized! So,
The coffee table is now a craft table!  My AWESOME Dad gave it longer legs!!!  :) 
I'm slowly trying to organize the craft room / studio.  Part of that means just simply emptying ALL the craft boxes so I can see what I have! 
The steps to the shed, where I'll eventually have my glass workshop, has a railing! (Mom kinda wondered why that was never there before...  lol!) Thanks, Dad!!  :) 
Yes, there was a Daddy-do list...  My makeup mirror is finally up!  (I've only had it for 3 years... lol!)
And that silly HUGE TV is gone, as is the blue chair!  Woot!!!  :)  My living room looks bigger! The boxes aren't mine.  Mom and dad left those....  lol!  
2. I've been teaching my usual 7 classes.  And you know, that's just too much!  I can't do it anymore.  
3. I had surgery!  Oi, was that an experience.  I ain't gonna lie, I'm going to have to SERIOUSLY ponder the merits of ANY further surgery in my future.  The docs are REALLY going to have to make the case!  Cuz that was NOT FUN! But, I am starting to feel MUCH better! So, you know, there's that...

I have been trying to craft the last few weeks, and I've made a few things for swaps and stuff, and I actually did finish my Bead Soup pieces (early, no less!!) so that's something.  

Moving forward, I'm trying really hard to get back on track blogging, and hope to get back into the Focus on Life bloghop that Sally Russick is hosting.  I also, of course, have the Bead Soup Blog Party this weekend (1st reveal!!!  woot!) And maybe I'll chronicle the changes happening around this place as they get completed.  

So, there you have it!  I'm tryin' to make a comeback!  :)  See you all this weekend! :) 


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  1. Sooo, how many of you did you say there was??? That is a lot fr anybody!!! Great job on all you have accomplished!!! Have a wonderful and Blessed day. Can't wait till Sat.!!


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