10 February 2012


Yeah, I think that's what we're calling it...  lol!  Okay, so a few weeks ago, in one of my Facebook groups, this recipe popped up:

You SOOOOOO need to check this out!  It's YUMMEH!!!

Okay, so I live in a Publix state.  and I loooooooove my Publix cakes, cuz, you know, they do stuff like this:


And in the deli section (where they also make YUMMY subs!!!) you can buy single cake slices.  

So, a few nights ago, I made a cakeinacup! Only, I didn't have Splenda or vanilla.  So, I am happy to report, regular sugar and whisky make a perfect substitute!!

But here's the really crazy part--cakeinacup was actually better than the Publix slice!!!  

And then I made it for my friend Amy.  She agrees, this mess is tasty!  It was funny, she kept trying to figure out why it works.  I have no clue...  But it's good!

I will say, Flavored Coffee mate?  Yeah, not so much.   Messed up the texture...   

So, for those times when you need a bit of warm gooey cake to just top off your evening, you can make, Cakeinacup! :)

(oh, and she has a lemon version here. Can't wait to try this one!)


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