26 January 2012


I found my muse, and I kitty bitch-slapped her into submission!

Don't even try to tell me this isn't about the cutest damned thing you ever did see!!!   And for the record, this is not my pic.  Please don't yell at me...  
So, as you'll recall, in a previous post, I said I was in a funk.  And I was.  I might still kinda be, in some ways, but, as I just mentioned, I tracked my muse down, and bitch-slapped her back into work! (She was hiding out in a seedy dive bar.  No class, that one....)

So, a few weeks ago, I put together my self-portrait still life:

Yup, this is me! 
 I've been looking at it for weeks, planning to eventually draw/paint/collage something to do with this... Tried to draw it last week at painting class, but just couldn't get into it, really.  But today, after, you know, tracking down my muse, I was able to get over my stupid self and my need for perfection, and I painted this:

It's not totally done yet, but it's coming along nicely!
Yeah, it still needs some work, and I am SOOOOOO not done with the still life at all, but hey, I found that muse!

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