08 October 2011

It worked!!!! Finally!

Alright, so I had this idea a while ago about my painted bracelets.  See, as awesome as the focals are, sometimes the bracelet is JUST as awesome!  And sometimes, you just wanna change things up...

So, I thought there just HAD to be a way to rig the focal to come off the bracelet when you want it to...

Here's take 1:

The problem with this was that the focal was far too loose--it flopped all over the place, and was INCREDIBLY annoying....
Here's Take 2:

Fewer beads in all, and without the buttons.  Far more streamlined, and with a sparkly bicone or two! LOL!   
And here's the whole thing:

See what I mean?  Yes, the focal is awesome, but I LOVE the bracelet on it's own, too!!!
So there you have it! It finally worked!  I love it when a plan comes together!

(oh, and Picasa is kinda cool--I gots collages!!!! LOL!!)



  1. That is to cool and such an AWESOME idea!!!

  2. You are so talented Rana!!! If I had the money I would buy that one!!! I LOVE IT!!!!!

  3. Thanks, everyone! Some of these will be showing up in the shop, eventually....

  4. Awesome idea Rana!! The bracelet does look beautiful with or without the focal.