21 September 2011

Sampler Village ROCKS!

So, last week, I entered to win a Tiny Teaser Giveaway Bag from SamplerVillage over on Facebook (she has a website, too.) And, you know, awesomeness, I WON!!!  Woot!!!!!!

Anyways, my Tiny Teaser bag arrived on Monday, and I just have to tell you how nice the samples are!  Here's a few pics:

All the pretty cards and whatnot...

Just another pic to show you the samples you couldn't see above...
There is such a wonderful variety of items, and this is just in the Teaser bag!  Imagine what you could get in one of the boxes!!! (I'm hoping to be able to order one soon).  There's eyeshadow, lip balm, soaps, bath fizzies, a little keychain, an adorable flower on a velcro wrappy, scent tarts (and me without a tart warmer... I sooooo need to remedy THAT situation!)  Let me tell you--I opened the package and was just automatically in love with the scents!  And I hadn't even seen anything yet!!!

Now, this month, Traci is doing the "Boolicious Bliss" Sampler boxes, which I am guessing will have some awesomely Boolicious treats in them!  In fact, the boxes go on sale at her website today, on the 21st!

You should totally go check her out!!!  And next year, maybe you'll get a sample from me in there, too!!


  1. Aw...Thanks for the Love! I am so glad you are enjoying all your goodies!

    Sampler Village

  2. Hi! Found you here from Twitter! I'm a follower of your blog and would love a follow back at



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