11 November 2010

Wowzers!!! What a long time it's been!!!

...since I was able to blog!  Oh my!  So, here's the story.  Ya see, I actually had several things I wanted to blog about 3 or 4 weeks ago, but real work interfered.  Had lots and lots of essays to grade.  And then, right about when I finally had the time to start writing some of those things down, my poor lil' Macbook's hard drive took a header. I was computer-less for a week and a half.  That was not a fun week and a half. See, I'm a teacher.  A college English professor.  And I teach online classes.  When I don't have a computer, that's really hard to do.

Anywhoo.... my baby is fixed, although I lost a lot of the pictures I was planning to use in some blog posts. But, some of those I can retake, and some I can ask a few friends to take for me.  So, I should be able to replace the ones I need to still document.  So, it could have been worse.  In fact, the only reason I didn't lose everything is because I have a very awesome Mac-guru who backed up my computer last year (yes, I know, I should do that myself regularly... trust me, I will now...) So really, I only lost the recent-ish stuff...

So, since I've been computer-less, I really kinda dropped off the face of the interwebz.  I've been lurking in Facebook on my phone, and have almost totally disappeared from the Hive (I've missed you, Hive friends!) But, I did find a small glimmer of nifty-ness in being computer-less--I had more time to be crafty!  I've been playing with my new Sizzix Big Shot. I got it through Stampin' Up!, so I can use it for parties when I become a demonstrator next year (yup! I'm 99.9% sure I'm gonna do it!!) At the moment, I have a Sizzlits die, an Embosslits die, and an Embossing folder.  I'm looking forward to getting more dies and having more fun.

I also finished a bracelet order (and made a cute little bag to deliver them in! LOL!) and started another, and have some ideas for a few other jewelry pieces.  And I started making ornaments.  Paper and Mod Podge, and embellishments.  I'll be doing a blog post on those, definitely.

So that's the latest news, and I've very much enjoyed writing this little post.  I'd had no idea how much I'd come to depend on my writing as a stress reliever, and I'm very happy to have my computer all fixed and back home.  Talk to you soon!

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