10 October 2010

Jewelry weekend

I had a good weekend!  And now I should be reading essays, but I'm not feeling it, so I'll do them later.  Instead, I want to blog about the fun stuff I made!  :D

So, I started last week playing with the resin beads I won as part of the Art with Heart Viewer's Choice contest (thanks again, everyone who voted!)  I absolutely love these beads, and it's especially cool, because I doubt I would ever have bought them for myself.  Here they are:
Resin Beads from Happy Mango Beads
So, I've been pondering these beads for awhile now, and the very cool Softflex: Trios™ Color Wire Set I received as well, in the Harmony colors (I'm so going to have to get some more of this stuff.  It's great!!)

Finally, I decided it would be fun to make myself a set.  So I did.  Here's all 3 pieces:
Resin Jewelry set
  I absolutely love the earrings and bracelet:
They look like little purses! (I have since been told, by my students, that they're reminiscent of Jolly Ranchers Watermelon)

So feminine and light!!! I tell you, it weighs nothing! (and the bracelet, according to my dad, looks like candy...)
But the necklace, I just don't know about.  I mean, I like it.  I just don't know if I like it for me. You know?  Here's a close-up:
It is a lot of fun, this necklace, but I just don't know.  This one may make it into the shop...
So that was the week.  This weekend, I worked on bracelets that some ladies I work with ordered.  I'm not done with the one order (4 African Helix bracelets for Christmas gifts) but I got a pretty good start on it.  Here's some of what I did:
I love the topaz shades against the mossy green here.  Such a fun color combo!

Black with silver. The customer I made this for wants it to match a necklace she already has.  I'll find out this week if she likes it!

Something I'm playing with--a Spiral rope with gradations of color to emulate a blooming tree. I kinda like it!
 Here's a close-up of that last one:
I love Spiral Rope.  For all that it's a relatively simple stitch, it's so variable!  There's literally, from what I can tell, no limit to what you can do with it!  I plan to play with some more spirals this week, while also working on some more helix bracelets.

Hope you like the new work!


  1. I love your stuff! OMG! It is so pretty!
    I am a new follower and am looking forward to seeing more of your amazing crafts!

    You can find me at my personal blog: http://www.findingjoyinvegas.blogspot.com
    or at my new blog, home to my handcrafted cards:
    I hope you come by and visit soon :)

  2. I'm loving those African Helix bracelets!

  3. Thanks! The helix bracelets are pretty cool!


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